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Shodan Grading

On Saturday the 29th of June Judo ACT held a Shodan (1st dan) grading in which 6 applicants participated.

Olympia Judo Club along with Judo ACT congratulates Adrian Georgiadis on achieving his well deserved Shodan. After 15 years of judo starting from the age of 3 he is now onto the next part of his judo journey.

Shodan is the first level of the black belts and takes extensive judo knowledge to achieve, applicants must know all of the following: All 5 sets of the Nage-no-kata, 68 throwing techniques, a minimum of 10 hold downs, 12 choking techniques, 10 armlocks, along with counterattacks from all kinds of attacks, and combination attacks.

It takes a lot dedication and hard work to reach this level, but this in only a stepping stone in a persons judo career and there is still much more learning ahead.

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