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Olympia Judo Club is a community based Club promoting a healthy lifestyle, discipline, respect for self and others, concentration, strength, fitness, determination and encompassing the spirit of family.

We are an affiliated member of Judo ACT and the Australian Judo Federation, having been established in 2012 by coach Stephanos, a former Australian and Greek national judo champion, and current Club Sensei (coach).


We cater for children, teenagers and adults alike at all ability levels, from beginner to advanced competitive athletes.


Club participants join our Club for various reasons. Some because they want to have some fun and learn discipline; others to join their friends; some to improve their skill level; and others to tap into our elite program to assist them to go the next step in their competitive careers. Its ideal as an off-season sport as well!


Our instructors work to programs that encourage learning and fun. Each training session is planned and participants understand the importance of respect and fair play, so disruption is minimised and enjoyment is maximised.


Our Judo lessons develop confidence in players by instructing on the basics, establishing and enforcing high levels of discipline, and humility, whilst fostering a sense of community within the Club and the broader community.


Our Judo Instructors are all qualified and have studied physical education or sport science at University level. They also have international Judo playing and coaching experience.


If you like a physical sport that it is safe without the inherent risk of kicking and striking, organised, fun and perfect for young kids, teens and those young at heart then try’ll love it!


We have strict rules about our members’ values, behaviour, conduct and attitude to ensure that everyone feels welcome, safe and supported.

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