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ACT International Open results

Congratulation to our judo competitors, their families, and our coaches for a great performance during the Canberra International open.

Not many podium finishes but a solid, injuries free performance, created our good “bench mark” during the first competition for 2023.

With 14 competitors we collected 1 gold, 1 Silver, 2 x bronze and many runner ups.

Leki - Gold Senior Boys

Hassan – Silver Senior Boys

Gabriel – Bronze Junior Boys

Jake – Bronze Cadets and 7th Junior men

Alex – 7th Junior Girls

Bella – 5th Senior Girls

Ben – 7th Senior Boys

Daniel – 5th Senior Boys

Ethan – 5th Senior Boys

Ishan – 5th Senior Boys

Vuk – 5th Senior Boys

Sadith – Not placed Cadets

Adrian – 7th Junior Men

Lewis – 7th Junior Men

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